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RtI and Intervention 

RtI Manual of Processes and Procedures

Are your students stuck in RtI year after year? Is your school not making much growth 

from year to year?  Are more and more students placed in Tier 2 and 3 interventions 

for several years as they fall further and further behind their classmates?  

Learn how to gear instruction towards prevention of reading difficulties instead of to intervention.

This RtI guide will properly prepare your teachers and educational leaders to ensure literacy success for all students. It includes all of the screening tools, diagnostics, and progress monitoring measures needed to successfully implement appropriate monitoring of literacy achievement for students.  The only book of its kind that provides a clear, systematic protocol for research-based interventions to ensure literacy success for 100% of your students!

RtI for Success

Tier 3: Remediating Reading Difficulties

Many students exhibiting reading difficulties have weaknesses in foundational reading skills.  Reading progress will be minimal until these difficulties are remediated.  Based on the Research of David Kilpatrick, the manual includes 16 weeks of comprehensive lessons to remediate reading difficulties stemming from weaknesses in phonemic awareness, phonics, and word-reading fluency.  Manual includes 32 pre-planned lessons, along with assessments for level placement, progress monitoring measures, and all necessary lesson resources and materials.  Just choose a student book and begin!

Step 1 Intervention