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From Florida to California, New Mexico, Connecticut, and all states in between, Julie Taylor has worked with schools and districts to design and implement the most highly-effective curriculum, instructional, and professional development practices across the United States.  Completing her PhD. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Reading, Language, and Literacy, Julie has been working in the education field over the past 25 years.  Highly trained and regarded in the areas of curriculum and instruction, interventions, and small-group instruction, Julie will customize professional development and training to meet the needs of your school or district.  In addition, she is available for follow-up training and support throughout the course of a school year. 

Julie earned her bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education and Spanish from Keene State College in New Hampshire, then completed her master of education degree at Rhode Island College in bilingual education, Linguistics, and teaching English-language learners.  She was a classroom and inclusion teacher for 19 years before transitioning to an early intervention (Title I) program director, then a district literacy coach.  Specially trained in literacy coaching by the Teachers College for Reading and Writing, Julie was also personally trained in guided reading by Jan Richardson and is one of Jan Richardson's premiere guided reading consultants.  Not only does she provide schools and districts with professional development, but also regularly models lessons in every component of the reading block, Jan Richardson guided reading routines, and Tier 2 and 3 interventions for all students in grade kindergarten through five.

Certified in elementary education, special education, reading, teaching English as a Second Language, and Educational Leadership, Julie will complete her PhD. in 2020.  She also travels throughout the United States providing Jan Richardson guided reading training and presents at state and national reading conferences across the country.  In addition, Julie serves as a professional development consultant for Pioneer Valley Books, which provides teaching materials for developing reading and literacy skills.


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